Thursday, October 7, 2010


The silence is over, I'm back after nearly a blog free month.

Firstly I had a wisdom tooth removed a week and a half after being on the wrong antibiotics and told it was sinus... finding a new doctor i think!

Then I flew to Brisbane for some R & R and reembered on the plane that i forgot my camera! Clever me packed a bag inside a bag though and felt silly doing it but seriously the second case was full after a week so I was glad I did it.

I picked up some lovely yarn & the Nov/Dec issue of Crochet Today! Sept/Oct hasn't even hit the shelves here yet.

Next I had a shopping list of all the things you can't get in The Ville, the hardest thing to find on the list was the size 11 ladies thongs required by my 11 year old daughter. Yes that's not a spelling mistake, the girl is tall and since returning home I'm now sure she's taller than me but I'm not pointing it out to her anytime soon :)

I also caught up with some lovely friends, my auntie, uncles and cousins. love those guys to pieces and didn't realise how much i missed them!

This is my beautiful friend Dani who used to work with me in Darwin many years ago. She is very special to me and actually had a dream about me being pregnant and told me about it. I took a pregnancy test (we worked in pharmacy) to prove to her I wasn't pregnant and it turned out positive. Hello twins!

One of the many Bizarre stories of my life!

Right now I'm busy making a xmas stocking for Selina's swap and I don't really want to spoilt it for my partner if she happens to peak, but I might take some sneaky shots so you can sneak a peak.