Thursday, August 26, 2010

My creative space...

Is more like a creative adventure, and this is the begining.

It's going to be a blanket much like Amelie's but this time I'm using some rather bold Kaffe Fasset fabric just for fun.

And now for some more viewing pleasure, turn the channel over to Kootoyoo the home of Creative Space's.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

For the mermaid lover

I made this mermaid pencil case using denim & appliquing the mermaid on first using The same pattern as Dman's Pirate Quilt. And ofcourse I had to use the fish fabric for lining.

The birthday girl seemed impressed.

This arrived in the mail today from Bendigo Woolen Mills and I couldn't be more excited. I've been using Lion brand cotton yarn, which is nice but too thick for the project I'm about to start. I love that they sent me colour charts too with actual yarn samples. Big toothy grins all round.

Now to create...

Friday, August 13, 2010

This week...

I was surprised to find out both my older kids qualified for shot put in the zone inter school sports representing their school.

And my eldest son has been chosen to represent his school for rugby union.

My youngest son went for his 4 year old check up and was supposed to get vaccinated but got a script for an ear infection instead.

The doctor tells me he should be able to draw a detailed picture of himself but all he can manage is a scribble. will have to work on that! His gross motor skills are normal.

I have ordered some cotton yarn from bendigo mills and while i wait for it's arrival I made...

rhubarb & lemon cordial, just improvised on this recipe a little by adding citric acid. So delish, and I made mini rhubarb muffins using the left over pulp from the cordial.

Made a drink bottle holder for my cousin who moved to Virginia, USA this year. I made her son one for his birthday earlier this year and she has been 'borrowing' it from him. So now she can give it back!

Inspired by the lovely Pip Lincoln and her yellow box project

portion controlled devil's food cake :)

And this is what I'm working on, it's going to be a pencil case for a mermaid fan's birthday.
will post more on this later.

Enjoy your weekend, ours will be spent cleaning up the garden on Saturday and dusting and cleaning walls on Sunday. Who wants to come to my place?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Toby's Blanket

It's finished and on it's way to the brand new owner as we speak.

So soft & spongy, i want to make one for keeps now.

To make this blanket -

Make a chain however wide you like in an uneven number.
Tr in the second chain from the end and in each chain to the end.
Chain 2 then Tr around the post, then do a normal Tr all the way to the end.
Repeat for as long as you like. It's that simple.

I started with 7 rows of main colour then 8 rows of contrast and continued doing 8 rows until the last colour and made it 7 rows . This was so the edging didn't make that colour band too wide at the ends.

After completing the last row of main colour make 1 chain then single crochet all the way around, slip stitch in first SC, 1 chain then turn and SC around again, SL ST then 1 chain. the edging is crab stitch, which is reverse single crochet. So instead of turning you SC from left to right . I had not attempted this stitch before but it's not hard, I looked up you tube and was away in no time. Thank you You Tube for teaching me the ways of the hook :)

I found it took longer than I had first thought and chose this one piece blanket to avoid sewing squares together. Trying to take a short cut and it back fired, hehe, oh well.

Also, the stripes were meant to be horizontal but when Toby decided to stun us all and make an early entrance into the world I changed plans and went for a bassinet / pram sized blanket instead.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

An eventful weekend

After cleaning up my stash I thought I'd give this sweet tute a go and polish up my zip skills at the same time and Meeka snapped it up as soon as she came home from school :)

Then on Friday my big boy received a rugby injury and ended up getting carted off in an ambulance. I met him at the hospital and was shocked to see a golf ball sized egg above his eye. He's fine but now it's a very black & purple shiner. So I won't put any pictures up as it is quite shocking and this is the reason I haven't put too many birthday photos up. Not a good look.

So, Dman celebrated his 4th Birthday yesterday, we made cupcakes and opened pressies, his favourite was the buzz light year lazer gun that has a zurg he can shoot. He played all day and was not impressed when we had to leave home to go to the shops. his daddy is away at the moment so we'll have a real cake & a party when he comes home.

today while Con was making himself a Lego movie using still shots on my camera I made him a little guitar pick & string pouch.

And when I gave it to him he immediately scrunched it up and threw it in his guitar bag... ahhh boys... got to love them .

Hoping your weekend was much less eventful than mine xox