Friday, November 25, 2011

Nearly there

We got the keys to our new house today. hooray! So I will take the most delicate items across to the new house myself. We have packers coming in on Monday to pack the house up and sometimes they aren't always very careful. 
I will take the Xmas tree over too and put it up this weekend so it will be ready when we move in. I love Xmas, who doesn't hey? Oh well, don't answer that

So... the cake... well cakes... because you know Fox got jealous when I said what I was making for the kids. Men... 

No less than four layers high. I made them gluten free of course. And wow it tasted so good. Only one small piece gave me a belly ache. I'm too used to eating well now since starting Michelle Bridges 12 week body transformation back in May this year. More on that later :) I promise.

Also this morning I finished the secret Santa gifts for the twins classes. Just something small, it's supposed to cost no more than $10.

I had to do a boy & girl gift so they are each getting a small zippered pouch with some treats inside.

Now I'm done. I don't have anything else on my craft list although I would love to make another Xmas stocking like the one I made for last years stocking swap but I really think my time is running out. 

Now I'm off to move house. x

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

There's busy and then there's keeping busy.

Today I baked TWO black forest cakes.
One for my 12 year old who has an assignment due on Germany. 
Yes that's right, I'm doing HIS assignment, well part of it anyway.
Once that's done it's on to the secret Santa gifts for school. Only have to make 1 boy & 1 girl gift.
Then it's on to packing boxes for our move next Monday,.. gasp!

After making the cakes today-  that will be completed tomorrow I made this cute Army pencil case for a Birthday Party this weekend.Cool huh..

I'm keeping busy. My dad's in ICU in Canberra tonight.
Last week he just had a sore throat.
Today we're faced with Cancer and a lot of uncertainty.

I don't know what else to say except that I'm feeling both lost and very calm..

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Really... Xmas?

Well this year has just gone in a snap. So much happening and not enough time for blogging.
My sisters have been ON MY CASE about my blog. More of it they say.
Truth is, I go quiet when things are not good, and I've had some worries with the kids that are ALL fine now. And we were told a month ago that our lease is being cut short and have had to organise a move prior to Xmas. One more week and my life will be packed up in boxes and into a truck.
In the mean time, I have a mile long To Do list that keeps growing by the day.

But today I have checked off one thing on the list. Teacher gifts.
My sisters can tell you, our mum was not the best cook however she rocked the sweet home cooked treats. My Lord she could whip up a novelty birthday cake in the blink of an eye and look out dentists... her Xmas treats were best only eaten at Xmas. .. sweet and moreish :)
So I though it best to make some coconut ice and wrap it up all lovely in cellophane and give that to the teachers. I had never attempted this before but figured, hey if I can bake a cake and a mean pav, i can do coconut ice.. right?

Not so.  It turned out crumbly and cracked when I tried to cut it. So that idea quickly went out the window at the pure delight of my sugar deprived children (thank you Michelle Bridges - will fill you in soon enough).

I made these cute little gift bags today. they were meant to fit the Xmas ball inside but yet another plan that quickly got changed.

So now the teachers are getting a massive gingerbread cookie that upon closer inspection could very well be a dog biscuit, a candy cane, a chocolate Santa & said Xmas tree decoration that has a bell in it.

Not my best effort, but certainly good enough I say.

My little 'picjacker' loves to jump into the blog pics and do funny faces.

So there you go sista's - How not to make Mum's coconut ice... or is it Nana's... or Mum's Nana?
How to adapt a plan under pressure and a cute pic of your nephew.