Wednesday, December 30, 2009

road trip - mackay

We left Yeppoon on Boxing Day and headed north to Mackay for our last stop before Townsville.
it was a great day to drive, there were very few cars on the road and we only had 3 trucks (road trains) pass us going south.

Mackay was like a ghost town with hardly a soul to be seen on the streets, No one out walking but we did find quite a few blokes with their kids fishing and lots of boats on the water
I had a massive sigh of relief when we entered our hotel room, it was just lovely and a vast improvement on the previous.

We did some geocaching here too, some great hides.

the quest mackay, a welcome change, lovely staff, gorgeous rooms & pool :)

sandfly creek board walk

looking back into mackay from sandfly creek look out

mackay, no one on the streets... like a ghost town

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

road trip - yeppoon

xmas eve we drove from Hervey Bay to Yeppoon where we experienced the good the bad and the ugly

The good - xmas! watching dman open his presents and talking to all the fam. Yeppoon itself is very pretty with great beaches, rock pools to explore and lovely walks & lookouts.

The bad - con & meeka went to perth for xmas (they do this every second xmas) so it always feels a little empty with out them :(

The ugly - our smelly & mouldy hotel room in the 'resort' we stayed at. the air con wasn't working either when we arrived and the maintenance guy said it was because the filters were dirty, yep not surprised. they cleaned it and the air con worked after that. yep, once i've recovered from this road trip i will muster up the words and be writing a complaint.

exploring rock pools at Yeppoon

Yeppoon Beach

Look out near the sailing club and ferry to Great Keppel Island

On the way down from the look out

Looking back toward Rockhampton

Monday, December 28, 2009

road trip - hervey bay

we left brisbane on 23 Dec and after a quick stop at Eumundi we arrived at Hervey Bay.

what a beautiful place! there were discussions on moving here when we won the lotto or when we retire, not long after we arrived.

there are lots of great parks along the water front, i think we checked them all out... and the ocean was warm!

we did some geocaching here but without much luck, will blog about geocaching later :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Meekas xmas quilt... finito

This quilt I call "the teenager's Mind" because it's kind of random & busy. I put a flannel back on it for extra snuggly goodness, like a big hug from mama.

It's actually called the Flower Quick Quilt ( a big lie fyi - NOT quick) by Joy White

And now it is time to start packing up the house...

Packers arrive on Monday & The truck picks everything up on Tuesday.

Then we drive out of Brisbane early Wednesday, hoping to get to Eumundi Markets before we stop over in Hervey Bay. Stay tuned for some lovely pics of our travels north.

Ooo and I got an early cristmas pressie, fox bought me an awesome camera, now I have to figure out how to use it :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

connor's xmas quilt

After completing this quilt I have promised myself i will never make it again.
I'm sure I said this to myself last time too..

Shefrrif's Star Quilt, Pattern is by Judy Gray

All done and wrapped up ready for the big day!

Now i've started cutting out Meeka's quilt.
This is her fabric, a bit of Amy Butler a lot Wendy Slotbloom.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

xmas ...

this year we will not be putting up decorations or a tree. we are moving out 2 days before xmas.

this is the military life... we wanted to leave earlier and be settled in our new home for xmas but through circumstances out of our control this was not to be the case. yes i'm sad.

nonetheless we will still enjoy it. we will be in a hotel which will require major stealth and co ordination on santas behalf. i have booked in to xmas dinner which is something we've never done before, so i'm looking forward to it although it can be a bit dodgey for us coeliacs.

check this out... i just found this gorgeous online mag, it has the sweetest xmas download. i'm going to use it to make cards for the daycare ladies..

this year i'm trying to do a handmande xmas and so far i think i will achieve most of my tasks. next year i will be better prepared and definately start earlier!

today i will have completed piecing together all 16 blocks for Connor's quilt, i just need to head into spotlight tommorrow and pick up the inners and it should be completed by the weekend.

the piecing of just 1 block takes around 1 hour...