Saturday, July 30, 2011

This week I'm grateful for... Time

This weekend my baby turns 5.

4 years and 9 months ago we made the conscious decision not to have any more children.

At times I've wondered if it was the right decision to make.

Now, I think it was.

Time helps us all to see with more clarity.

Over the past 10 weeks I have lost 12 kilos.

11 weeks ago I did not see this coming.

Next weekend I will run 5km in the Townsville Running Festival.

My whole life I never imagined I'd be a 'runner'.

Time changes everything... It's up to us to decide if it's for the better... or not.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

My first attempt at patchwork

My very good friend has just had a baby boy and so I have decided to make a baby size patchwork quilt for him.

I will make 9 blocks i think and back with flannelet. I have seen others do patchwork in strips but I have opted for blocks because I don't trust that I could make the patches line up. Maybe when I have more confidence this will be the easier option.

I think choosing colours is probably the hardest part of making patchwork and I'm always amazed at how well different colour combos go together. Cross fingers my fabric choices work out as a whole.

We'll see soon enough :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Canberra school camp... more awesome than expected!

Despite  the twins and myself coming down with colds/flu/stomach bugs the day we arrived back in Townsville, I'm pleased to say Canberra was awesome!

Found craft & colour inspiration in the most unlikely of places...
Parliament house was pretty cool, loved the colour graduation in the public galleries of The Senate & House of Representatives.

The huge Tapestry inside the great hall was impressive.

 Mt. Ainslie, looking down from above the War Memorial toward Capital Hill.

The War memorial & amazing Lead lights & Mosaics inside the unknown soldiers tomb.

Coolness indeed!

The AIS pool where the Australian Olympians train.

Got to catch up with family, including my dad & a nephew I'd never met.

Somehow wrangled the night off on Friday and nip into Civic...
Shop Handmade, but no Posie Patchwork in sight, she was on Holidays in Queensland :)

And finally a day trip to Thredbo.

Phew, now off to heat up the wheat bag & make a cup of honey & lemon tea.

Thanks Canberra we had a great time on school camp :)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Creative Space

Here are some of the dolls I mentioned in my last post.

As you can see they range in size, so I have quite a task in front of me.
Most of these dolls were cast back in around 1986 and most have my Aunt's initials but two are quite unique with having the mould number and designer on the back of their heads.

I asked my daughter to chose a doll as a starting point for me and I would make that one hers.
She chose this doll. After researching the numbers on her head it turns out her name is " Just Me" and the doll designer was Armand Marseielle.

Now the challenge will not be dressing her, I have been making barbie clothes since I was a kid,  it will be in  finding the right hair and figuring out how to put it on her.

If anyone knows how to do this please share. I'm new to the world of dolls and apart from one my beautiful mum had made for me I really have nothing to compare to.

PS funny, I just read the post with the china doll from my mum and said, 'i wish i could get one for my daughter'... cool huh, just have to put it out there. Now what shall I wish for next ?? lol

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Well hello dolly

Yes it has been a while.

I'm still here and everything is just fine, no dramas, just busy. 
Well the truth is I've been on a fitness kick and really haven't had much time or energy for much else.

I have been crocheting though and made a beanie & scarf for my eldest son. A scarf & beret for my daughter and a beanie and still in the process of making myself a scarf.

She just loves her beret. It was meant for the Canberra Camp which is next week! But after completing it looks more suited to summer than a Canberra winter.

I have some exciting stuff to show you but I just haven't got around to taking pictures yet. My gorgeous cousin has sent me up a box of fabric & dolls that are incomplete from my very crafty aunt who sadly passed away not long ago. When I say Aunt I mean my mums aunt who made it all the way into her 90s. She always kept herself busy making things and I still have a ceramic bathing jug & bowl she made for me way back in 1982!

So over the next few months I hope to complete these dolls that have been hand moulded and painted by auntie Yvonne herself.  All they need is some hair and clothes and they will  finally be finished. 

But before that I have a camp to attend and also a baby gift to complete for a very special friend who's baby boy decided to join this party early .

Back soon i promise :)