Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the old...

And in with the new...

I just love this time of year and who doesn't, you get to eat happy food, enjoy family time and with any luck relax a little.

My gorgeous kids bought me Scandinavian Stitches for Christmas and I just couldn't wait to get into one of the sweet little projects. My fancy Pfaff machine had other ideas and the foot pedal seems to have given up. I don't think it is liking this humid weather all too much. So I got out my old trusty Janome (Jan) and I can't even describe the joy it brought me. Getting her out was like having an old school friend come round to visit and we just picked up where we left off.

Attempting to make this cushion with Jan has had it's obstacles. The directions call for machine stitching the word 'silakka' across the bottom but after realising the feed dog cannot be lowered It had to be hand stitched. I'm not a stitcher of the hand variety but somehow it worked out.

Machine stitching on the little fish I also picked up a new technique of pulling the top thread through and tying the thread instead of reverse stitching. It really does make it neater on the front. The first fish started off a little dodgy but i got it more stream lined.

So I'm nearly done and so is this year...

It certainly has been eventful here. I've had many battles this year, some i won, some lost.

My plans for the new year are BIG.

I want to join the etsy community and share my creations with others.
I know my family love them so it's only fair to share right?

I want to try and share more, I have a tendency of hiding away (true cancerian style) when things are tough instead of verbalising I wait it out in silence.

I want to include myself in the list of those who i look after. you know how that works.
And I also want to run the mother's day classic, a 5km run. Not that huge really but coming from a large chested family something that doesn't come as second nature.

I'm sure this list will grow through the year and also get checked off along the way.

So that's it my friends, thanks for all your lovely comments and words of encouragement this year. It has meant a lot to me, really.

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year full of joy and happiness

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our tree...

We have had this purple Xmas tree for 10 years now. Each year we collect more clear glass balls to go on it. It's not always easy to find them but this year Myer had a great range so I snapped them up while we were in Perth.

I know it's a little weird having an angel sitting up top of our non traditional type tree... but that's the way we like it. My mum had an angel on her tree and so it is that we do too.

Monday, December 20, 2010

last minute xmas gift making

Yeah, I thought I was so organised but have somehow found myself making last minute gifts as you do. I did join in to the handmade xmas meme but had to make a hasty retreat when i realised that some of my family do indeed read my blog...

So I went to ground with it all and totally forgot about it until Sunday, of course!

Last year my 3 nephews received a pair of gorgeous handmade shorts. This year I went with pencil cases because they're quick although I'm still trying to master the side seams near the zip but I think I'm getting it after only 2 quick unpicks :)

the flash has washed out the colour on the denim diaper covers

for my newest nephew. Baby clothes look terrible without a model but trust me these are the cutest ever, It's hard to find cute/cool stuff for baby boys, I think I'll be making more of these.

And I made this crocheted rug earlier in the year and put it away for my little sister . I know she won't read this because she's on holiday's in Sydney and she's either opened her present early or taken it with her to the in laws. Either way, i think it's safe. I hope.

And that's it, I'm ready for Christmas.

Last year we moved house and the twins were in Perth so this is going to be an awesome Christmas with my family together in the one place, not moving house... just relaxing and spending time together... big smiley face

Count me in ...

retro mummy is having a giveaway much like the mega lotto draws held at the end of the year this is the crafty blogland equivalent... look at all those gorgeous fabrics! Bonanza!

Gosh, so many possibilities...

Go on, check i out :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Been busy... you know...

Wow, it seems ages since i last blogged, it's not because i haven't got anything to blog about it's just a busy time, . We had a little trip to Perth, not for a holiday but for a family matter, it wasn't fun but we did enjoy catching up with family and of course i made most of the opportunity and I picked up some lovely glass balls for the tree... will show you these later :)

I seem to go through colour phases with my latest fetish being red white and red white and blue. The stocking I crocheted for Kitty n Kitsch in Selina's stocking swap was Red & White, I borrowed her picture, i hope that's okay, it's dark in my house but glare and super bright outside, being the wet season it's not a great time of year to take good pictures. Well I'm having loads of trouble taking good pictures :)

I made this Santa sack for a little boy who didn't have one. Apparently this is an Australian thing to have a Santa sack I just found out from an American friend that they only do stockings and have never heard of this sack caper. What does Santa do at your place?

And finally a pretty little Christmas outfit for a gorgeous little girls first Xmas. I have to confess that I have never made baby clothing before and let me tell you it's not as easy as you would think. My mind was telling me that little clothes would be easy but trying to sew around arm and leg holes that don't fit around the sewing machine arm is kind of tricky so I am quite pleased with myself .