Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Creative space...

This week I came across enormous luck when I won this gorgeous Queen Anne set on ebay for seriously less than it really is worth. I was relieved when the lady who I bought it from said she was happy I had won the auction and not someone who possibly was just after cheap furniture.

The fabric is amazing and although it looks faded it is not at all, it's just the nap showing up lighter. The cushions are heavy and super comfy like a hug from granny. 

The kitchen hutch has old style locks on the doors that the kids are fascinated with.

And then there's the old phone chair, I had to explain to the kids what it was used for! You know back in the old days when phones where plugged into the wall and If you wanted someones number you had to look for it in the phone  Oh the memories, you'd think I was like ancient and not in my 30's.

The set also has a set of 3 stacking tables too.

SO now to clean and freshen up this beautiful set, needless to say I'm over the moon and amazingly so are the kids even the delivery guys said  " they don't make furniture like this anymore'.

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