Tuesday, December 1, 2009

xmas ...

this year we will not be putting up decorations or a tree. we are moving out 2 days before xmas.

this is the military life... we wanted to leave earlier and be settled in our new home for xmas but through circumstances out of our control this was not to be the case. yes i'm sad.

nonetheless we will still enjoy it. we will be in a hotel which will require major stealth and co ordination on santas behalf. i have booked in to xmas dinner which is something we've never done before, so i'm looking forward to it although it can be a bit dodgey for us coeliacs.

check this out... i just found this gorgeous online mag, it has the sweetest xmas download. i'm going to use it to make cards for the daycare ladies..

this year i'm trying to do a handmande xmas and so far i think i will achieve most of my tasks. next year i will be better prepared and definately start earlier!

today i will have completed piecing together all 16 blocks for Connor's quilt, i just need to head into spotlight tommorrow and pick up the inners and it should be completed by the weekend.

the piecing of just 1 block takes around 1 hour...


  1. Wow! Nothing like moving house at Christmas time. The hotel Christmas experience will be exciting (maybe more so for the smaller members of the family?) and a hotel dinner too. Have you written letters to Santa advising of the forwarding address?

    Fantastic star piecing! A lot of work but worth it in the end. (I've been known to sew the binding to a quilt at 4am Christmas morning...)

    Carolyn x

  2. ...ooohh, and thanks for the link to Needle. Love it!


  3. Enjoy having Xmas catered, how nice that would be!!! Your quilt looks great, makes me wish I had time to start another one!