Sunday, February 28, 2010

super sunday

My new love...

Last year a lovely cousin gave me her mother's sewing machine & overlocker. My Auntie went to heaven couple of years ago & she wanted me to have them because i guess she new i'd use them.

I call the sewing machine the fancy pfaff because it is compared to my $50 janome oppy find from 10yrs ago.

I didn't get to use it straight away because the manual was missing in action. I was getting around to ordering one when out of the blue my Uncle called to say he'd found it... woo hoo.

So, today was the day i finally got to have a go. And suprisingly easy to use ... now i know what all the buttons are for.

I can not tell you how excitied I am about this machine, she is just beautiful and has a lot more control than the janome.

From now on in, sorry Janome, it's going to be Pfaff all the way...

Iv'e been looking for a good time to make this cute drawstring bag from the Meet Me At Mikes craft book. so today was the day. Not sure if i read the instructions wrong but mine turned out quite small, i'd recommend adding 1cm to the entire pattern and go with that. My pocket turned out very small and i had to cut a new pen holder piece with the extra allowance for seam as my original would never have fit a pen.

Anyway, i think the bag is really cute so I will make one for myself next time to keep my crochet gear in for on the go.

Hope you had a super Sunday x


  1. You're right, that bag is really cute! LOVE it :-)

  2. That bag is really cute - wonderif you had to add the seam allowances on?

    Cute none the less and a biger one like it would be great for your crochet projects.

  3. The bag is really cute! I might have to get that book :) and the sewing machine looks amazing!!