Sunday, February 14, 2010

two is definately better than one

Feeling guilty about my pathetic dishcloth create a long attempt and only producing 1 when others have created many I decided to make another, but a more simple style this time. I managed to crank the second one out in about an hour, whereas the first took me a few days...

I used patterns from 'the big book of Dishcloths'. If you have this book I used #96 & #16.

The yarn used was Lion Cotton - colour 146 fuchsia

So now I have a lovely pair of cloths in my gift stash. The yarn I used was really easy to crochet so I will have to get some more from the lovely Gabrielle at American Yarns.


  1. What a nice way to do dishes, the colour is outstandingly gorgeous & i'm not a purple lover!! Love Posie

  2. They look so nice and I absolutely love the color too.

  3. Beautiful cloths. I'm going to look up the pattern and add them to the list

  4. Hey, ive just come across your blog.
    These are too nice to use as dishcloths :) a really pretty colour, i think i would use it as a doily! Amazing that it only took you one hour.
    Ive started crochet granny squares recently and am working towards a blanket.