Saturday, March 20, 2010

First visitor

It looks like our first visitor will be here sooner than expected. My wonderful Father in Law is flying over from Perth for a week over Easter. For him, it's a well earned carer's break. Yes at 70 years of age he's caring for his wife (who has MS) as he has done for years. It has only been during the past 2 years that we have managed to convince him he needs a break. So i'm incredibly excited that he wants to spend his break with us. We will try not to wear him out and send him back refreshed not exhausted this time.
He was to be our first visitor in our new home but it looks like Cyclone Ului wants to visit first!
I'm ready for you Ului. The yard has been tidied up, iv'e purchased excessive amounts of tins and non perishables (they call it food but i'm still not convinced). I've backed up the hard drive with all the new photos etc and checked the first aid box & added sunscreen & tropical strength insect reppellent to it because of the dengue & ross river fever issues they have here. I've located all our important documents and will double bag them with the photo albums today.

Did I mention that Fox is away? He left on Tuesday and they're saying he'll be back on Sunday but the Cyclone's due to hit Saturday night so i'm not sure how that works but that's Army life for you. Why do things happen the second they go away? Not saying I can't cope without him... it's just nicer to have someone else here to calm the nerves and go and get the panadol. You see Dman got tonsilitis this week too.

Omg. ** Warning - Rant Alert ** I took him to the doc on Wed and explained he gets tonsilitis, (he'd been complaining of a sore head, throat & stomach & had a high temp.) and that we need a referal to an ENT specialist while we're there. This by the way is probably the most annoying part of being a Defence Familiy... always having to explain to new doctors etc past histories because you know they don't give you your mediacl files to take to the new Doc anymore? It all has to be released... forms, signatures etc. SO we were going to get his tonsils out before xmas before we moved but the ENT guy in Brisbane didn't have a time available until this year & after we had moved. So the process begins again here.
So the doc on Wed didn't want to give him anything because he really didn't look too bad and was still up and running around her office touching everything. I explained that this kid would still run around with a fourty degree temp. Nonetheless we decided to wait (for her benefit) to see what would happen and come back if it worsened. Sure enough we were up all Wed night and then the vommiting began Thursday morning. I took him back to the doc with a high temp & vomiting, this time he refused to walk and made me carry him. So he laid on her bed and it was very obvious to her that he really was sick. She kind of apologised and wrote him a script for antibiotics etc. I understand why she did it and next time I know she will realise i'm not tyying to over medicate my child. Deep breath **there rant over**
Dman is on the mend now and trying to milk it by getting everyone to run around after him. Oh hang on, he's like that normally. He must be better now. lol : )

Crazy week for sure! There's more but i'm not going to bore you with it...I still managed to get some craft going though. Crochet is so good for relaxing I tell you. I'm working on something for Mumbles (aka Con) room... here's a peek...


  1. Hugs thinking of you and your first visitor. I am with you on the Dr's - But I found a great one here (at Redhill and she is the best Dr I have had since having the kids)

    Hope that you can get something done for him poor little might (you know that you get a flight to Brisbane every year - maybe it would be worth looking into coming back and getting the op done here? Just a thought)

  2. Good luck with the cyclone!! After many years in Darwin on Army postings, we know the drill!! Hope your house is happy & healthy again soon. Of course nothing goes wrong when our husbands are around, it would be too easy to take one twin to hospital with a live in babysitter or the youngest to a party without dragging everyone else along. I'm totally with you. Luckily we rarely get ill, more blunt force trauma in the garden leads us to emergency. All the best, love Posie

  3. Oh, I hope everything went o.k in the cyclone! From what I've heard it was a bit of a fizzer compared to what they were predicting, but I guess you never can tell! The media always beef these things up though, don't they.

  4. It sure was a fizzer! We didn't even get any rain. I think they may have been talking it up because I recall trees bending sideways and my dogs kennel flying across the yard in Darwin for Cyclone Thelma which was about the same distance away. It was dead calm here last night. Oh well, now we're ready for next time.