Thursday, March 4, 2010

My creative space

This week i've been making crocheted coasters for a swap i'm in on swapbot.

The theme is spring time coasters and i had to make 2 coasters for 2 partners.

They turned out quite nice so i'm thinking of making a set of 6 in some more neutral tones just for me.

Here's the pattern if you like. It's from Ravelry so you may need to sign in for it.

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  1. very pretty! I just do straight lines :}

  2. They are pretty. It's great when you find a pattern that you really like.

  3. very pretty ... i'm sure your swap partners will be really happy.

  4. They are LOVELY!! Wow, gorgeous, great work. Love Posie

  5. Oh Tracey, about the badge machines on my blog post . . . to think I attempted to hand press metal badges, kill me now!! I have very sensitive palms and you really need a 6’+ man to stand over the counter and press down with all their weight to do the 20 step process to make a badge. My point was to not invest in the big time until I could pay for it from the proceeds of the cheaper machine. Pretty much how I’ve continued to grow my business over 10 years. You are spot on, the machines are worth their weight in gold!! Love Jennie

  6. Those coasters are just gorgeous - loving the colours you've used.