Friday, May 28, 2010

Finally something for me

while i do enjoy making stuff for all the lovely people in my life i thought it high time i make something for myself. And finally it's done. It only took 2 weeks to complete so it didn't take that long really. I just had a crash course in getting to know my new machine better after it ate a side seam and was determined not to let go of it I read the instruction manual and performed some maintenance. To my horror the little oil bottle that came with the machine had never been opened. So after a quick clean out and a bit of lube she was ready to purr again.

I should now mention that before I resorted to the manual I got my old faithful Janome out and could not figure out how to turn her on. I felt like I had betrayed her after she had been so faithful to me over the years. She helped me make my wedding dress for goodness sakes, how could I forget. But something worse had happened. It seems like out jealousy she has given up. Yes my old Janome is broken. Sob. I wanted to give her to Meeks so she could learn to sew on it but I'm not convinced she has fully given up though, I think she just needs her electrical cord checked so I'm crossing fingers it's not over between us.

I originally wanted to make it all out of the patterned fabric but it's very thin and snags easily so when I cam across the tshirt material in a matching colour from the oppy for $1 I knew it was a sign.

So needless to say i'm pretty impressed with myself and keen to get some more me made garments happening. Just not sure what to do with the meter and or so of pattern fabric that i'm not really impressed with. I bought it from spotlight and it was not cheap so i'm annoyed that the quality was not a reflection of the price. Nevermind, i'm sure I'll think of something.

Hope you have a super weekend. We're doing a big house clean, you know the one where you end up cleaning out the kids rooms because you can't stand what their version of clean is any longer. See you later... if I make it out alive! xox


  1. Oh yes, neglected machine narkiness, watch out for that. Happy sewing with your new oiled up machine, love Posie

  2. Hi Ruby! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog :) Love your top!! ~Katie

  3. Lovely top. Adorable. Loving the colours muchly.

  4. Found you via the Flickr SSS group -- just wanted to drop in and tell you how much I love this top!