Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So my little sister (hi ren, love you x) has been on my case to blog more and to be honest I have lots to blog about Iv'e just been preoccupied with life. You know.

My next project is to make a king size quilt for fox & I. Iv'e made pretty stuff for everyone else so now it's our turn. I have been eyeing off this fabric range for alittle while and when our dollar went above the 90 cent US mark I took the opportunity to grab the whole range from etsy.

It's hilarious to me that I can buy designer fabric and get it shipped from US for less than what it costs to go to the local big chain fabric store. I'm still unsure what design i'm going to use or even if i'll design it myself but i don't want to mess it up.

I like this style from Make it... A wonderful Life. but i'm not sure it will work with the straight lines in my fabric.

What do you think?

P.S. I am still working on that top, my machine and i have had a few misunderstandings that started when the feed dog decided it was hungry and ate a chunk of material. I'm still working on it but just in very slow steps.


  1. Hey! I know what you mean about blogging more, life certainly does get in the way hey!
    I love the fabrics you bought, I would love to know which Etsy store you got them from actually! I am looking forward to seeing the gorgeous quilt you make with it!

  2. hi ruby star! are you doing circles? they are a bit of a nuisance. i've chosen a quilt pattern with squares and a circle in the center of the meet. looking forward to seeing your circle progress! =)

  3. I've had my eye on that quilt too - there's also one towards the end of Amy's bloggers quilts festival made from LOVE which looks great. I think yours would work really well in that fabric. Thank you for the advice on FQ too!

  4. I found it on flickr so am linking to it because it's even better than the original (well just as nice asnyway!):


  5. YAY! keep em coming. i live vicariously through you as i just don't have the skills that you do. can't wait to see the new quilt :)

  6. Hi Jess, 3 stores from etsy - scarletpoppe (the fastest seller around) buttercuppity & fabriccloset. All awesome with custom orders.
    Hi Angelina, I've done circles before with the sherrif's star quilts for the boys but this quilt is applique cirlces i think, so it kind of cheats and will be quicker :)
    Hi Lynne, I think i'm sold on the circle quilt now, thank you too x
    Hi Ren, you have the skills my love. What you do with your hands is definately an art!

  7. You have a lovely collection of prints there.

    In regards to the cost of fabric, the main problem with being a fabric reseller in Australia is that by the time the fabric has been purchased, converted to Australia $ and then shipped out here we have already paid more per yard that what an American seller can sell it for. Add onto that the profit required to cover costs and keep a shop running and you have the cost of selling fabric in Austrlalia. Also I have heard (unconfirmed) that the American government subsidises the cost of a lot of items, so they can be sold even cheaper.