Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rugging up

Oh my goodness, who knew that North Queensland could get so cold? It's been freezing ... well in the mornings anyway and when I say freezing I mean 11 - 13 degrees celcius. So maybe not freezing compared to say Canberra but when you're use to 30 c days it really is cold. So, this week I have located my box of winter clothes (packed away when we left Brisbane) because we're going camping by a lake in the mountains this weekend and if we're cold here in the city, I can only imagine what it's going to be like there. Luckily I still fit my winter gear from last year but the same cannot be said for the smalls. So I got to crocheting a beanie for Dman. No pattern, just mixed up the yarn & crochet stitches etc. And ta da one happy boy who cannot wait to wear it & try out his new sleeping bag. I made a pompom for the top after fox said i should (he always tells me what i should do to improve my projects, bless him) and with inspiration from posies latest efforts but i think it looks better without.

And while we're on the topic, I went in to PomPom Rouge today and met Kristen who has a sweet little fabric/yarn shop & craft/sewing place out back. I think i'll be hanging out there a bit.

And now to make beanies for the big kids... i really need to find a pattern.


  1. Cute - have fun camping ae youeading to Paluma (SP?) Enjoy - miss Camping in FNQ

  2. Hahaha! Greetings from chilly Canberra ;)

  3. Hah, hi Jen. Big warm hugs to you. I know how cold that joint gets. I used to manage subway citywalk (alfresco) back when it first started and opened up at 7am with a chilly minus 5 in winter. Thermal undies rock!

  4. Hah, yes, went to Paluma Dam Kylie, omg it was amazing. Have you been there?