Friday, September 10, 2010

Bringing back the good stuff

This is me aged 2 and a half I'd say. Our family went to visit Nana in Enoggerra for Christmas and my parents must have loved me because they bought me the best present ever. I remember playing with this Tree house for hours and hours. I bet mum thought it was the best present ever too!

Over the years I have wondered what happened to my Tree house. I even stalked eBay for a while to get one but they were all incomplete or cost half my grocery bill in postage and I just couldn't justify it.

So you could imagine my joy when I found out they had reproduced it and pimped it up a little. I asked my older 2 kids if I should get one and they convinced me i should so i went ahead and ordered it (because you should always take advice from 11 year olds when there are no other adults around :) Dman will be getting this for Christmas i think, breaking all my rules of buying and supporting hand made. Forehead slap! I just had to... damn you awesome childhood memories. I'm thinking I'll make a playmat for it so it will come complete with handmade goodness aswell...

Now to convince fox that the price is okay and that it's a unisex

PS. since i ordered it, I have found it cheaper and in stock on other sites

PPS. don't tell fox


  1. i had one too! loved it, and my parents bought a second-hand one for my boys, doesn't have any people i think, but they think it is pretty cool
    so many great memories!

  2. You have taken me back about 30 years there, I had one of those and my brother flushed the dog down the toilet, the dog was my favourite too! So glad they have remade it, wish my kids were small enough to justify buying one.
    Kandi x

  3. Glad to hear your boys like playing with it Kellie, now I'm not so worried.

    hehe Kandi, i kind of want it for myself and wondered if it would be acceptable for a grown up to buy a kids toy for themselves. I think I still would even if I didn't have a 4 yr old.... for the grandkids... or something :)

  4. oh, how i loved my treehouse too! my favorite part was the doghouse... thanks for the memories!

  5. Oh, it's amazing how toys from your childhood make you feel good!!! My nostalgia toys are mostly dolls (Daisy ... Rosebud ... Suntan Tuesday Taylor ....Waaah! I want one now!)