Monday, December 13, 2010

Been busy... you know...

Wow, it seems ages since i last blogged, it's not because i haven't got anything to blog about it's just a busy time, . We had a little trip to Perth, not for a holiday but for a family matter, it wasn't fun but we did enjoy catching up with family and of course i made most of the opportunity and I picked up some lovely glass balls for the tree... will show you these later :)

I seem to go through colour phases with my latest fetish being red white and red white and blue. The stocking I crocheted for Kitty n Kitsch in Selina's stocking swap was Red & White, I borrowed her picture, i hope that's okay, it's dark in my house but glare and super bright outside, being the wet season it's not a great time of year to take good pictures. Well I'm having loads of trouble taking good pictures :)

I made this Santa sack for a little boy who didn't have one. Apparently this is an Australian thing to have a Santa sack I just found out from an American friend that they only do stockings and have never heard of this sack caper. What does Santa do at your place?

And finally a pretty little Christmas outfit for a gorgeous little girls first Xmas. I have to confess that I have never made baby clothing before and let me tell you it's not as easy as you would think. My mind was telling me that little clothes would be easy but trying to sew around arm and leg holes that don't fit around the sewing machine arm is kind of tricky so I am quite pleased with myself .


  1. I think the Santa sack looks great, and is always a nice way to give pressies instead of using heaps of wrapping paper for larger pressies. Your little girl outfit looks totally adorable too!

  2. We grew up with Santa sacks, not stockings!! Loving the red & white, we're doing that theme with silver, but coloured lights, super pretty, love Posie

  3. we did sacks as kids, but my partners parents do stockings. i get the best of both worlds!