Saturday, April 23, 2011

Can just about smell the chocolate

It occurred to me only 2 days ago that we're going to be in Canberra for school camp... in WINTER and none of us have been through winter since Perth 4 years ago. Yes the twins want me to come on year 6 camp with them. Crazy huh... so i whipped out my crochet hook and made these.

He pulled that face knowing I wanted a pic for the blog, he dances to his own beat and that's cool i think.

SO with yesterday being good Friday and me happening to find a guy who owns a prawn trawler only a few weeks ago through my plumber, we have a mountain of fresh prawns to eat.

I thought we'd try something different for dinner.

Garlic prawns with Poh's Egg Custard. I was really going out on a limb here, I mean custard and prawns with shitake for dinner sounds disgusting but amazingly it was a hit and not just with the adults, the kids really enjoyed it too.

So now we wait patiently for the Easter bunny to arrive and ponder the effects of Lenten promises on their makers. It really is great to see the kids stick with their and funny what they chose to go without for lent. One gave up his bed and slept on a camp mattress and the other promised to be nicer to her brothers. They both did very well.

Happy Easter to you, time for the count down :)


  1. yummo, those prawns look delish! so do the beanies i might add. happy easter to you all at HBRS HQ!


  2. What an unusual recipe, I must try it very soon.
    I love the beanies, they look confortable and funky.
    Happy Easter to you!