Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Place & Yours - My Collection

Thought i'd join in for a bit of fun...

I have a few collections, the first is our fridge magnet collection, daggy i know, but it reminds us of all the awesome places we've been...

Then there is my tea cup collection, it's super hard to find this pattern, i'd even say rare. My great nana started me off by leaving me a gorgeous cup & saucer, i loved the pattern so much i've been collecting it since...

My husband collects Australian stamps.. he has nearly all since it swapped from puonds to dollars. Such excitement to be had when you find stuff that's super hard to find :)


  1. I love that China! Such a pretty pattern.

  2. Oh I like how there this a little garnish inside the lip of the cup too. I would go cross-eyed trying to keep looking at it as I sipped my tea.