Tuesday, January 19, 2010

now i know how to crochet...

So what have i been doing with all my spare time in between packing up the house to move, christmas, the road trip to townsville and moving in and unpacking at our new place?

Well crochet of course! I'm so glad i taught myself to crochet, it has kept me occupied while my husband watches countless episodes of star trek voyager, i think he watched a whole series over the christmas break. Well, it was his christmas gift from the kids... and mine was these super cute crochet hooks.

Learning how to crochet was something iv'e always wanted to do. I never really apreciated those granny blankets until now, now i know the effort required to make them.
So before I left Brisbane I stocked up on a ridiculous amount of yarn from american yarns...

And I crocheted my heart out.
At present i know 3 pregnant ladies who i'm sure would all adore a lovely handmade baby blanket.
And even with all that yarn i still managed to run out. So i had to abandon these ones until some more supplies arrived in the mail from brisbane.

I moved on and made some more squares, these are cotton, i fell in love with this yarn, i think this one will stay at my house.

And then i ran out of that yarn and found some eco recycled baby coloured yarn from spotlight, yes, not really spoiled for choice here.
So i'm nearly finished the first baby blanket. only have 17 more cream sqaures to make and then piece together.
Oh and the baby has a birthdate already, he/she will be born next week so i don't have long to get it done.

I will post shortly the finished product. nothing like a timeline to get you motivated :)


  1. Looks great!! Wow, we have so much in comman!! I have twins, i've lived in Darwin, currently Canberra, about to be Brisbane & we've also lived in Sydney a couple of times but my dream is Perth!! I also love gardening, sewing & well, anything with my hands or gorgeous children!! I have almost a whole year on my own, my husband is away. Hey, join in my give away!! Love Posie

  2. oh my goodness, all that crocheting looks fabulous!! You've been busy with your new hobby.