Tuesday, January 26, 2010

time to get back to it

And a new school year begins tommorrow so it's time to get back to reality...

No more sleep ins or popping down to the shop mid week.
Time to get seriously organised again for another year and somehow keep the house running smoothly while my husband may or may not be around, he does that, sometimes he's here sometimes not. That's the nature of his work.
Life goes on regardless, so after dman & I drop everyone off to start their new year i'll be back home organising my diary and figuring out how to keep everyone happy and fitting in time for myself. Haven't had much of that lately but I promised myself this year I need to take better care of myself. And so I will.

Oh wow, that was serious... now for the fun stuff...
I did a MMAM swap on swap bot a little while ago and we had to send some pretty mail.
2 people flaked so I offered to send one to them. I used THIS lovely ladies envelope stencil and an old fairy tale book from the oppy. I think they look pretty. My gorgeous daughter made a pretty envelope too. Her friends better look out... I think she's hooked... she thought it was fabulous that you could make your own... who'd have thought? Home made envies!!

And now for the drum role......

My first ever crocheted baby blanket. This is for a friend who is due very shortly and has no clue what the babie's sex is. So old fashioned, but exciting just the same. This is the reason behind my colour scheme :) The pattern is called Red Heart Lacy Squares here's the pattern if you like.


  1. Cool envelopes, she should be proud. Have fun with the new school year. Tuesday next week for us, so we're still swimming endlessly & lazing about. Love Posie

  2. Fab envelopes! And wow! The blanket is beautiful! So clever and you just started! Speedy speedy. I too need to pull my finger out and get more organised. Heard the other day we, mums, need to spend 1/2 a day planning...mmmm see how we go with that one! xox

  3. The blanket is so beautiful... the photo of it folded up is gorgeous :) It look so soft! This makes me want to try crochet again *twitch*.

    Thanks so much for angelling that swap - the envelopes look fab! And I did a total double-take when I realised that you'd linked to my tutorial! Yay :)

  4. Great job on the baby blanket! How did you join your squares? They lay so flat! The swappers you're sending those to are going to love your envelopes, too! :)

  5. Thanks for your comments!

    We haven't looked back since learning how to make envies! Thanks Jen.

    Adaiha, I used a yarn needle and placed two sqares right sides together then overstitched them together. Then the same with the rows. The trick is not to do it too tight i've been told.
    I haven't got to making one of your cute pin cushions yet, but i will. x