Tuesday, February 9, 2010

weekend trip away

Last weekend we made a snap desicion to go down to Mackay to meet up with my lovely cousins from Canberra. We drove down on saturday & back on sunday.

On the way down we stopped off in Ayr to do some geocaching. It's so lovely and green in this part of Queensland due to all the recent rain and so of course the mosquitos were out in full force and had a feast. Dman & I raced back to the car covered in mozzies while con, meeks & fox weren't far behind. It didn't stop them, they applied reppelant and went back to it and came up with the goods. This cache is a film canister that has a film type log. The kids thought it was cool.


After our quick stop we were back on the road towards Bowen (famous for their mangos & the movie 'Australia') where we stopped for lunch. Then on to Mackay. Where we caught up with our lovelies, ate, drank & were merry.


We headed back home early sunday morning with our sights set on Airlie Beach for lunch. word of warning just incase you go there... lunch doesn't start til noon at most places but thankfully we found a sweet spot which overlooked the cafe strip called 'shipwrecked', the food there was fab.
Words can not explain how special this place is and not even the pictures do it justice.
The only bad part was that it is stinger season so there was no getting in the water, but look out Airlie Beach, we'll be back and you'll get to see us in all our bathing glory. yeah, i think that's a threat...lol

As we left it started to rain., then we had another quick stop in Bowen again before heading for home.


  1. Wow great trip, we Canberra folk are up for anything aren't we?? So love these Qld blogs, really gives me a good taste of what i'm in for next year (Brisbane). Loved your ironing comment on my blog, yes, my husbands irons his uniforms, but i iron everything else, while he judges but i rather like ironing, put on a good movie & do a week's worth in one hit, lovely. Love Posie

  2. What a great weekend! Airlie beach does look pretty amazing! QLD is looking better and better. Oh and I had to look up geocaching lol! Sounds like a fun family thing to do xox