Friday, February 5, 2010

my creative space

this week i have been making water bottle holders, thanks to the inspiration from the australian homesewn mag.

i'm not sure how it works in your house but here, when the family sees you're onto a good thing look out!

So i made one for our youngest which then got hijacked by my husband who took it to work (and got teased but didn't care). Then I made another for my cousins boy in usa. Then the neighbour came over and saw them and she wanted one too! Then the twins were watching keenly to see if there's were

I managed to make 8 this week. They are really great for keeping the water bottles cool and soaking up the condensation, keeping whatever is in your bag dry not soggy. I can get a 1.5l water bottle in mine.

And HERE are some more creative spaces


  1. we have some toweling ones that were given to us and bought from a craft store, they are such a fabulous idea. Yours are gorgeous

  2. I love them all! Great fabric choices. Have been wanting to make some for awhile but wasn't sure. I think I will now xox

  3. These are such a fabulous idea! My girls have been taking frozen drink bottles to school and they are making everything else in their bags soggy. These would fix that problem in a jiffy. Hope you have a great weekend. X

  4. I agree, they turned out fab! I could do with something similar for my lunches (often leftovers... hello condensation!) And I love the "space ship" fabric.