Tuesday, March 30, 2010

this & that

So I've gone all OCD and made a few pincushions for this swap I'm doing.

Actually, there have been 4 made so far... I think this is the one I'll send, because I just realised that heart one looks like the one pictured on the swap button and I wanted to be a bit more original.

And, I made these cute little eggs & chicks for Easter. Dman loves them and we all get kisses from the chicks : )


  1. I love your pin cushions and the heart one is adorable, I wouldnt mind having it, lol! Love the little chicks too, how cute.

  2. I adore how the pincushion turned out! Also, I agree with sue... the eggs/chicks look adorable sitting in the little porcelain egg dish :)

  3. Gorgeous pin cushions and even CUTER Easter chicks and eggs! I love them!