Thursday, April 1, 2010

last one I promise!

So I decided that I'd try making a pincushion that wasn't crocheted and found this gorgeous little pattern in an old Woman's Day Handicrafts Book. It looked easy enough and all I had to do was make a larger pattern from the one in the book. I did this in an art class in high school! Yes, finally something I learned in high school was used in my real life!
It took me only a few short hours. But looking back now I probably shouldn't have started at 3pm and neglected to make dinner! It made Fox very unappreciative of my constant crafting and pin cushion perfection that has been occurring since I joined this darn swap! But it did manage to get some leftovers used up from the fridge. So win win really. Right? lol

And now I'm finally done! This is it. Definately!


  1. I love that little mousy pin cushion. I also love that craft comes before feeding your family at your place to, it makes me feel a bit normal. Have a great weekend. X

  2. ADORABLE, that is so cute!! Great work, love Posie

  3. Very cute little mouse! You can never have enough pincushions:)