Sunday, April 11, 2010

Craft overload

Townsville had the craft expo come to town this weekend and I went on Saturday with a friend then decided to go back Sunday to grab a quilt kit I decided I just couldn't live without. So I took the twins along and they found the craft corner where they could paint a figurine and I was left to do my own thing. Perhaps it was a good thing that the shop had sold out of what I was after because the kids painted for 3 hours and I did laps of the expo while they created their masterpieces.

I got to chat to the lovely Prudence Mapstone and asked her many questions about crochet and picked up some super soft tencel yarn, markers, patterns and even a tunissian crochet hook. Ahh bliss.

Then I found some absolutely divine japanese printed fabric and realised that my new favourite colours are blue & white. I'm going to attemp some Sashiko and make new couch cushions.

And I also couldn't go past a gorgeous Morris & Sons crochet pattern & hand dyed felt to finish off my pin cushion swap gift.

This is my haul from Sunday only!

Feeling utterly inspired and happy now I had some good felt on hand I set to making a needle book to go with the pin cushion for the swap. I'll say good bye to this cute little guy tommorow and cross fingers that his new owner thinks he's alright.


  1. What a haul! The pin cushion is too cute! xox

  2. That is the most adorable needlebook/pincushion set ever. I am in love :) I'm such a sucker for coordination! The craft expo sounds great - we don't get many 'round these parts! Though perhaps that's good for my bank balance :o

  3. His new owner will definitely think they are cute....have to be crazy not to!

  4. Nice haul! Your swap partner will just love that little pincushion!