Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter trip to Mackay

Still recovering from Easter here having had too much chocolate & alcohol & not enough water.
Thank goodness it only lasts a weekend so now it's back to watching the weight and running.

This is how our Easter went...

Grandad arrived from Perth on Good Friday night then next morning we took off down to Mackay for a short break.

The hotel we stayed at had an easter egg hunt for the kids on Easter Sunday and the kids all had a ball finding the eggs Inside the hotel & out in the garden

We then ventured out for a bit of Geocaching to walk off the sugar rush..

This cache was found just over the edge. It turned out to be one for the adults only.

We found this beach but sadly you can't swim in the water because of the poisonous jellyfish that like to swim here too.

The rain came in so we headed back to the hotel.

Monday morning we went up to Airlie Beach but it was very rainy so we didn't get out. It was just so grandad could say he'd been there.

An hour north was Bowen.

Well Bowen are famous for their big Bowen Mangoes...

And of course Meeka spotted some wildlife, she just loves lizards and stick insects!
Grandad got to have a hold too. Dman thought it was fab but wasn't quite brave enough to have a hold.

We stopped at Horeshoe Bay in Bowen for lunch before heading home. The next day a tourist was stung here by a jelly fish.

Two more hours in the car and we were home safe. the traffic was really good, there is such a big difference between how the city drivers behave to the country folk here. And I like it a lot.

Hope you all had a lovely relaxing easter too xox


  1. Fab weekend! Bummer about the stingers :( xox

  2. So thrilled you had a great time with your father, i know it was a lot of planning!! Yes, many years looking out to gorgeous seas & not able to swim for stingers or crocodiles. Love Posie

  3. :( about the stingers - I miss the beaches in Mackay (that is one good thing about the ville though - the huge stinger net on the Strand)

    Glad that you had a great little holiday.