Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Now I want a baby girl too

Early last month I started this little dress and I'm pleased now to say that it is finished.
It will be sent off for baby Amelie this week and now that some more wool has arrived in the mail I can get onto finishing her little blanket. I hope her mum likes it! I think it would look fabulous in black & white photos with a little teddy bear too. ... sigh.

I'm not the best on the photography front so they are a little blurry. I'll have to do a night class or something to hone my happy snap skills.

Was going to say, I hope you have a great week but then I realised it's Wednesday already so enjoy the rest of your week. :)


  1. awww, the little dress is just so cute, love the crochet/fabric blanket that you made too.


  2. I'm very pleased to tell you that I have picked you to receive my purple bag! Please email me your address to so I can pop it in the post. All the best!

    Zoe x

  3. Wow, i'm so excited, a real grown ups bag that is cute to boot. Thank you so much :) xox