Saturday, April 24, 2010

A peak at Townsville

Having my father in law visit recently was a great opportunity for us to get out and check out some more of what Townsville has to offer. We have been here since January and have seen more of it's surrounds than "The Ville" itself.

This is Townsville from Castle Hill, you can see the Ross river snaking through the city.

This picture was taken from Mt. Stuart and you can see Castle Hill to the left of the city and Magnetic Island behind Castle hill. We haven't been to Maggie Island yet but we will, most likely when it's not stinger season so we can enjoy getting in the ocean and playing around in the sand.

We took a short trip up Hervey's Range road to the Heritage Tea Rooms. There you can buy a $50 cup of Kopi Luwak... Cat poo coffee! Nope, we weren't brave enough to try it, maybe next time. Apparently its quite nice. It sure is pretty up there and what's even more awesome is that you have to go past a cute little fabric shop in a caravan park that is the only place I've found so far that sells Amy Butler fabric & the likes. : )

We are quite surprised at how flat Townsville is considering all the Hills & Mountains surrounding it. It's great for bike riding & running and is very green right now. It's just about the end of wet season though so it will be interesting to see what the dry is like in comparison.


  1. Wow, thanks for the tour. We shouldn't ever be posted to Townsville but we have friends who are desperate to return & live there. Thinking of you on ANZAC day, love Posie

  2. Thanks for the pics of the ville - it was home for 9 years and you are right, you never do the tourist things when you live somewhere - we always joke saying that we saw more in a 3 day holiday in Canberra than what we saw in 18 months of livig there. Is there still a little patchwork shop on Ross River Road (might even be Charters Towers end (near Franks Pizza and Pasta) they stockd some nice things there when we lived there!

  3. ooo thanks Kylie, I will have to search it out tommorrow. I know of one near a guitar shop on ross river rd but still a little country for me. The lovely lady at the caravan park told me about pompom rouge in the city, so i'mm off to check it out tommorrow and on my way i'll keep my eyes open for franks pizza.
    Loving Townsville Posie, hope you got to speak with hubby yessterday. I know what Anzac day is like with a far away soldier. Hugs xox

  4. I'm a pretty big coffee fan, but I'm with you on that one. I'm not paying that much to drink.. umm.. that. ;)