Friday, June 4, 2010

My creative space

It's all about Lego, buliding, creating, smashing & creating again. Dman likes me to copy the catalogue pictures and recreate the scenes before he smashes them apart and makes his own.

Fox went to the big smoke (Brisbane) this week and picked up this awesome toy story lego.
Toy Story is the one movie that our whole family is happy to sit and watch together. And it looks like this Toy Story 3 will be the first ever moovie we take Dman to see at the cinema. He seriously can't sit still, which kid can? I'm game... So it will be interesting to see how that

In the mean time, it's back to playing lego.

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  1. Oh you have some lovely duplo there.
    We were playing with our duplo last night. So much fun. So good for the imagination.

  2. How cute is the Toy Story Set:) We love Duplo here too:)

  3. did you know they even make sponge bob lego now!! My, err, I mean 'my kids' biggest dreams have been realised...;O)

  4. Hi
    Came across your blog via Kootoyoo. Love your work! and the toy story duplo.

  5. Hi Ruby Star - I am sending a teatowel to EVERYONE who entered my giveaway from a few weeks ago, because it took me ages to draw it and I feel everyone needs a little reward!

    Please send your best postal address to and a teatowel from me at All Toile and No Reward will be in the mail to you soon.