Thursday, June 10, 2010

sewing and so on

Haven't blogged for a week. It's been crazy with fox at home after having elbow surgery. He's really enjoying hanging out with me and the Dman and I have to say it's been very nice having him around. It's not often that we actually get to spend time together.

I took the opportunity to create and over the weekend i whipped up this snugly pirate blanket for my sisters eldest boy. Happy Birthday for Tuesday Jo xox

I made this skirt too. Not sure if it goes with my whitey white legs but really i just wanted to see how the pattern looked and used up some remnant fabric i picked up from spotty for a few dollars. I will make it again but in a plain fabric next time.
I have to get cracking on making some more clothes because I have entered into Self stitched September with So Zo and otherwise I'll be going naked in September and well that's not the aim.

It's the Queen's birthday long weekend and we'll be putting up our tent and checking all our camping gear for an upcoming adventure into the Queensland wilderness.

Ciao, enjoy your weekend x


  1. hehe, was worried it might be too scarey, but he's 9 so he should be fine. :)

  2. I adore the pirate blanket! My daughter would kill for something like that. Great job!