Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another year older

July is crazy birthday month with 13 friends & family celebrating this month including myself.

My birthday is 4Th July and it's great because no one forgets it. I do hope that one year I'll get to spend a birthday in the USA ... just for fun.

This year I got totally spoiled. My beautiful neighbour made this gluten free toblerone cheesecake. Lets just say it was so good it was gone in 1 day. I'm not asking for the recipe because that would be dangerous.

The next lovely surprise was this amazing cross stitch from my little sister. Personally I am fascinated by cross stitch and have made a few dismal attempts but always abandon it in a tangled knotty mess. So this to me is amazing. Thank you Ren I will treasure it forever.

And finally this lovely number arrived on my doorstep today. When Fox asked me (on 3rd July) what I wanted for my birthday I showed him a few of my favourite things and even suggested local craft store vouchers. So I was totally surprised when he and the kids chose this granny square necklace.

But, The most special of all presents would have to be the hand written notes from the kids in texta and crayon with love hearts, kisses & flowers telling me how special i am. They certainly know how to make me feel loved.

Happy Birthday Indeed xox


  1. OH OH OH!!!! You have one of those AMAZING granny square necklaces! My jealousy knows no bounds :)
    Happy Birthday, belatedly! Sorry to have missed you on Friday - hope you had fun with Tracey and the gang.

  2. Happy Birthday! I love that necklace - your hubby did so well!

  3. Happy birthday to a fellow member of July births. Your necklace is just beautiful - you obviously gave just the right sort of hints to a clever purchaser of gifts!

  4. happy belated birthday, looks like you got the best pressies.
    hand written notes & "I love yous" are the ultimate of presents though.

  5. Sounds like you had an awesome birthday. Your sisters cross stitch is so very beautiful and the necklace is divine. Perfect.
    Your children sound like darlings - making you special cards - very loving and special indeed. Wonderful.