Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's all about the kids...

Fox has been away for a few weeks now and we've all been missing him a lot. He comes home this weekend but only briefly before he's off again.
When he is away I really don't get much of a chance to sew or crochet at home because by the end of the day I'm so exhausted my eyes can't see straight. So the only time I've had time for crafting is on Wednesdays craft group (and this week got hijacked by the RAAF Air Commander coming to check out the Family centre). As a treat on Friday I popped in to see Kirsten at Pompom Rouge and did manage a bit of crochet.
But I'm starting to worry a little about the lack of craft/me time as I have 4 birthdays in the next few weeks and have not finished one gift. Watching my hair turn white by the minute. No really, red hair turns white... none of this grey business. Nevermind, I know I work well under pressure so it will get done!

So Miki had a friend over last night and today I took all the kids to The Strand. It really is as nice as the pictures if not better. There are many play grounds and grassed areas as well as a FREE water play area along a few kilometers of Townsville foreshore which also overlooks Magnetic Island.

The Rock pool & magnetic Island in the background

Rock pool

The port to the left & Mt. Stewart on the right.

The flying fox was a big hit

And ofcourse, the ice cream bribe.

Now maybe, just maybe they will be relaxed enough this arfternoon that I will have a chance to get my craft on. :)

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