Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Toby's Blanket

It's finished and on it's way to the brand new owner as we speak.

So soft & spongy, i want to make one for keeps now.

To make this blanket -

Make a chain however wide you like in an uneven number.
Tr in the second chain from the end and in each chain to the end.
Chain 2 then Tr around the post, then do a normal Tr all the way to the end.
Repeat for as long as you like. It's that simple.

I started with 7 rows of main colour then 8 rows of contrast and continued doing 8 rows until the last colour and made it 7 rows . This was so the edging didn't make that colour band too wide at the ends.

After completing the last row of main colour make 1 chain then single crochet all the way around, slip stitch in first SC, 1 chain then turn and SC around again, SL ST then 1 chain. the edging is crab stitch, which is reverse single crochet. So instead of turning you SC from left to right . I had not attempted this stitch before but it's not hard, I looked up you tube and was away in no time. Thank you You Tube for teaching me the ways of the hook :)

I found it took longer than I had first thought and chose this one piece blanket to avoid sewing squares together. Trying to take a short cut and it back fired, hehe, oh well.

Also, the stripes were meant to be horizontal but when Toby decided to stun us all and make an early entrance into the world I changed plans and went for a bassinet / pram sized blanket instead.


  1. It is gorgeous. Really soft and beautiful. Perfect.