Sunday, August 1, 2010

An eventful weekend

After cleaning up my stash I thought I'd give this sweet tute a go and polish up my zip skills at the same time and Meeka snapped it up as soon as she came home from school :)

Then on Friday my big boy received a rugby injury and ended up getting carted off in an ambulance. I met him at the hospital and was shocked to see a golf ball sized egg above his eye. He's fine but now it's a very black & purple shiner. So I won't put any pictures up as it is quite shocking and this is the reason I haven't put too many birthday photos up. Not a good look.

So, Dman celebrated his 4th Birthday yesterday, we made cupcakes and opened pressies, his favourite was the buzz light year lazer gun that has a zurg he can shoot. He played all day and was not impressed when we had to leave home to go to the shops. his daddy is away at the moment so we'll have a real cake & a party when he comes home.

today while Con was making himself a Lego movie using still shots on my camera I made him a little guitar pick & string pouch.

And when I gave it to him he immediately scrunched it up and threw it in his guitar bag... ahhh boys... got to love them .

Hoping your weekend was much less eventful than mine xox


  1. Oh what a sweet son! Happy Happy Birthday to him.
    ... great work with the zips too :)

  2. 2 very cute pouches! And look at Damn's crazy curls!! Soooooo cute!! xox

  3. Oh dear - what a shock for you I bet. Glad to hear that he is ok and on the mend.

  4. love both the pouches!

    I'd be terrified if my son got carted off in an ambulance! Glad to hear he's okay :) I'm praying my son with be a computer nerd lol