Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Christmas Stocking Swap

This delightful package surprised me today when it arrived on my doorstep...
I wasn't expecting a parcel, so it could only mean one thing! It HAD to be from my swap partner for 'The Great Stocking Swap of 2010'

I opened the parcel to find it bursting with goodies and as i pulled out the pretzels i thought - oh that's okay I'll give them to my husband - but wait... it says gluten free... (loud squeal) ... next thought - hey i didn't even know they made GF pretzeles, wow this lady's done her homework... how lovely - !!!

I seriously love this stocking, it's perfect and will fit right in with our crazy purple christmas tree.
The mixed media work is amazing, i have no clue how this was achieved at all but it's ace.

Pam, thank you so much for all the effort you went to putting my special parcel together. You are one clever lady! I feel very lucky indeed.

Check out Pam's blog Cloth to Creation for everything from chenille xmas angel patterns to yummy looking desert recipies!


  1. I'm sooooo glad you liked it Tracey! I was hoping I hadn't gone overboard with the purple! :)) It's so much fun opening them up isn't it?
    Thank heaps for all that wonderful praise in your post too.
    Glad I was able to help with some more GF goodies too. Not sure if you're happy with any of the ingredients in all the other edibles there, but figure you probably know someone who could eat them if you don't. The pretzels are very cool aren't they? I've been eating them for a couple of years now and you can pick them up at Woolies and Coles etc. Not sure about IGA, but the one we have here, I've just noticed, has quite a good range of GF munchies. The soap is my own homemade one and is made with only veg oils(no animal) and is vanilla and apple. Sorry about the rambling comment but I haven't got your email address! :))
    Anyhoo, just ever so pleased you liked it all. Take care. x

  2. Isn't that stocking so beautiful? There is a real whimsy about it that makes it so enchanting. Lovely dovely indeedy! YAY for Pam!

  3. Ohh, it's just gorgeous! How cool that Pam also found you some GF treats!