Thursday, November 4, 2010

My creative space...

A little home making... iv'e been sewing and putting up sun-out curtains in the bedrooms. I chose this rather dark curtain material for good reason. We have windows on two walls and two walls of full length wall to wall, floor to ceiling mirrors...oh yes. At present the only window coverings are vertical blinds (dha standard) and well they aren't all together private or very good at keeping out light considering the cupboard doors are quite reflective lol.

We have taken down the verticals and replaced them with the curtain tracks. Probably illegal according to dha, we will put everything back as it was before we leave but considering we expect to be here for another 2 years I think it's worth the effort.

You see, the sun shows up here anywhere from 5.30am onwards and Dman gets up not long after that.... usually to tell the native birds to be quiet! We have a plan for that too. Bambini Pronto have these alarm clocks that light up when it's okay to get out of bed and so far it's been working! We set it to turn on at 6am and will slowly make it later.

So excited for more sleep ans a cosy bedroom.

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  1. I like it. Grey and white always look really fresh and stylish. x

  2. Oh so much nicer than Army issued blinds, OH, last time we lived in Darwin (after experience) we pulled ALL the venetians up & left them there so we didn't have to stuff around cleaning them when we left. It worked!! We had trees at every window so we didn't even need curtains, small mercy. Can't wait to build our own home & have privacy mixed with light curtains, ahhhhh, 'tis the dream. Love Posie

  3. Ruby your curtains are magnificent, grey is definitely on my radar at the moment, lovin' the way it makes other colours really sizzle.

  4. They look great , I hope you gets lots of sleep now !