Tuesday, January 25, 2011

time flies... yes it does.

This year marks the last year of primary school for my babies. It wasn't that long ago that I sent them off to their first day of kindy, they were SO excited to finally be kindy kids after watching their friends hop on the bus from daycare (was a fulltime working single mama back then) they were over the moon it was finally them getting on the bus.

This was their first 'family' school portrait - Darwin style. The black tooth was from his sister pushin him off the couch. It has gone now... thank goodness.

We moved from Darwin to Perth and this was their First day of Pre Primary. We stayed in Perth for another 4 years and they have very fond memories of this time.

We moved to Queensland 3 years ago and boy how quickly they have grown during this time. We have had to buy complete new wardrobes every 6 months for both as they have taken off like bean shoots. They are both taller than me now and have size 11 mens & 12 ladies shoes and still growing!

They are equally excited about going to high school next year and have never had a problem with changing schools as they've always had each other. I have to admit this has helped me too.



  1. Yes it does fly by doesnt it. My 9yr old grows like a weed too needing clothes and shoe updates every 6 mths too. She is already in size 7 shoes but I hope I never need to buy her size 12 shoes as I dont think they make them that big down here. I hope your twins have a fantastic time at high school.

  2. You're right Sue, size 12 ladies shoes are not easy to find nor pretty.