Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm grateful for...

Being blessed with twins.

These guys turned 12 on Monday and I can't even begin to explain how very awesome they are.

They don't look like twins anymore, well they haven't really looked alike at all.

Everyday they tell me how I'm the best mum in the world and i answer them with... how would you know because I'm the only one you've got, there could be others more awesome. I'm cheeky like that.

Going to miss the company when school goes back but not the bickering.

This photo says it all... someone blew all the candles out first... can you guess who? lol

From this day forth there will be two cakes to prevent any future birthday caketastrophies!

Bless x

What are you grateful for? Come along and play with Maxabella Loves


  1. Bless indeed. Double bless! What a lovely post. My Miss turns 12 later this year...where did those years go? I know what you mean about missing the company,but not the bickering ; ) Enjoy the weekend. Alison x

  2. A picture tells a thousand words , lol ! Great post loved it !

  3. LOVE that last photo, it's an absolute classic, i'm cackling while i write this. have a lovely weekend.


  4. Oh yes, my twins prepare & count in the blowing of the candles, they don't even worry about seperate cakes, they still like to share, we're 3years behind you. My eldest is off to high school, what a change (in lifestyle, expenses & attitude!!) Love Posie

  5. I like a cheeky mum!

    Your twins a both gorgeous. I love how different boys and girls look at this age. Girls are pretty much cooked, boy are barely in the oven.

    Enjoy the last week of the hols. x

  6. Hehe! Love the photos and congratulations on reaching this milestone. You have gorgeous looking kids. x

  7. They are adorable! Especially in that last pic. :)

  8. The expressions in the last photo were perfect...ha!ha! I would make separate cakes laughing.

  9. Oh wow your twins are so gorgeous!!!!!
    You are looking absolutely fabulous too!!!