Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Creative space...

So much stuff to organise with insurance due to cyclone damage and endless phone calls to a telephone company that is not playing the game fairly and also to the ombudsman because someone has to stick up for the little guys. Along with that the telephone company say they can't find me in their system yet continue to sent out bills... SO frustrating because it's been going on since the first week of January.

Also dealing with our landlords DHA, who have my daughter without a room due to water and black mould in her carpet that has been removed but not replaced. It's such a circus here right now and I'm feeling a little ripped off as I thought this year would be awesome and so far it has totally sucked. What's more annoying is I'm not one to mope about and yet that is what I've been doing. I have put all my other projects in the too hard basket for now and started making a few quick little crocheted cardies'. I wanted instant gratification to lift my spirits a bit.... It took me a whole day of browsing through crochet books to finally decide what to make. I'm driving myself

However it's not all bad, I did manage to teach my daughter the beginnings of crochet. She has chain and single crochet sorted and has been eagerly practicing her new skills.

Sorry about the rant, my creativeness has been stood on. Can we just restart 2011 on the 1st of March and maybe things will be awesome from then on in.

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  1. damn, hope everything starts looking up for you. have another new year at the end of the month and start again, sounds splendid!


  2. Hallo, Ruby, bad moments happen. It is good to rant, friends understand. It will pass.
    Yes, let's start again on the 1st of March, I am with you. Lovely color your cardi, by the way, this alone should cheer you up!

  3. You've got every reason to rant. Sounds awful and totally too frustrating. Yucko.

    Your crochet looks nice though - and that blue is a very calming shade. Lovely dovely.

  4. I hope things start getting better for you soon!

  5. sounds awfully frustrating, that's the beauty of a new month, start again, i hope things turn around