Monday, March 28, 2011

Ever feel like you're chasing your tail?

 I do, I feel like I've been doing it for a good few months now, well since the start of the year. And now it's time to stop the crazy and to start 'moving forward'... as our prime minister keeps saying.

So I'm doing just that. I hope to have my little etsy / made it shop up and running within the month. It's going to have a mix of  baby stuff like crocheted cardies and hair clips and little nappy covers and maybe dresses (not sure yet) along with some of these gorgeous pillowcases...

Are you chasing your tail? What's stopping you from moving forward? At the moment its the silly little banner needed at the top of the shop and wait for it...  time. I'm sure i can get one done if i could just spend some time sorting it out. Simple as that and I'm ready to get it all happening.

Have a lovely week xox


  1. That is a great orange pillowcase in your top photo! I love an orange you can just immerse yourself in...a vibrant one.

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