Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm grateful for...


It's amazing really how nature can create the most beautiful things like trees and butterflies and rainbows and just as quickly it can take it all away.

My sister called me after the tsunami worried that the world was ending. I guess with the list of random natural disasters that have happened in our part of the world since the end of last year it would be easy to think that.

But really these events have been happening for hundred & thousands of years. We have only had colour TV since 1975 and the way we get information has changed. Before we may not have heard about certain events but now we have rolling coverage of disasters. I know it serves a purpose but frankly it's depressing.

So what I'm trying to say is that i want to see the beauty in nature again and I'm grateful for the small wonders it creates like this very full Caterpillar who had feasted on our basil seedlings and could barely move.

Move grateful peeps are hanging out with the lovely Maxabella Loves...


  1. Yes, keep it real, home & your children feeling safe as it's all we can do. As for caterpillars, well, that would be a natural disaster for me, i'd blow up with welts i'm super allergic to those little buggers, not beautiful in my eyes, they're out to get me!! Love Posie

  2. Perfect. That's how I feel. Everything that is happening has always happened, but now we hear about it instantly and the whole world is like our neighbours. So we react differently to disaster. I try to keep it in perspective as well. We are all safe and well and if we're not we will deal with that then. x

  3. Hi Ruby Star. I'm you're 50th follower Yay Me!! Thanks for commenting on my grateful post - I love feedback :) Following along because you look to me like a very interesting and talented lady.

    Oh yes - let's start appreciating nature again. Fabulous idea and very well said!

  4. nature can be beautiful and really powerful and scarey...I completely agree with the fact the way we get info has changed. it was horrific seeing the scenes in Japan unravel. lovely to find your blog!