Monday, July 18, 2011

Canberra school camp... more awesome than expected!

Despite  the twins and myself coming down with colds/flu/stomach bugs the day we arrived back in Townsville, I'm pleased to say Canberra was awesome!

Found craft & colour inspiration in the most unlikely of places...
Parliament house was pretty cool, loved the colour graduation in the public galleries of The Senate & House of Representatives.

The huge Tapestry inside the great hall was impressive.

 Mt. Ainslie, looking down from above the War Memorial toward Capital Hill.

The War memorial & amazing Lead lights & Mosaics inside the unknown soldiers tomb.

Coolness indeed!

The AIS pool where the Australian Olympians train.

Got to catch up with family, including my dad & a nephew I'd never met.

Somehow wrangled the night off on Friday and nip into Civic...
Shop Handmade, but no Posie Patchwork in sight, she was on Holidays in Queensland :)

And finally a day trip to Thredbo.

Phew, now off to heat up the wheat bag & make a cup of honey & lemon tea.

Thanks Canberra we had a great time on school camp :)


  1. Glad you enjoyed our Nation's capital - love your pics! Come back and see us anytime :) ~ Christine xx

  2. Thank you Christine, maybe heading back there some time soon :)

  3. Oh no, sorry, yes, i'm in your state!! Totally enjoying your weather, next time you must let me know & i'll be sure to be around, love Posie

  4. Well, it seems that you had a great time. I love the colours of the public galleries and the mosaics too. Your Dad's beard looks terrific!