Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Creative Space

Here are some of the dolls I mentioned in my last post.

As you can see they range in size, so I have quite a task in front of me.
Most of these dolls were cast back in around 1986 and most have my Aunt's initials but two are quite unique with having the mould number and designer on the back of their heads.

I asked my daughter to chose a doll as a starting point for me and I would make that one hers.
She chose this doll. After researching the numbers on her head it turns out her name is " Just Me" and the doll designer was Armand Marseielle.

Now the challenge will not be dressing her, I have been making barbie clothes since I was a kid,  it will be in  finding the right hair and figuring out how to put it on her.

If anyone knows how to do this please share. I'm new to the world of dolls and apart from one my beautiful mum had made for me I really have nothing to compare to.

PS funny, I just read the post with the china doll from my mum and said, 'i wish i could get one for my daughter'... cool huh, just have to put it out there. Now what shall I wish for next ?? lol


  1. I think you have your work cut out for you. I know that there are online tutorials for jazzing up dolls. I researched them when I had a bright idea to do one for a friend. That idea died pretty quick however! My artistic skills are not up to scratch and I wasn't interested enough to practise, practise, practise until I got it right!
    xXx Helen

  2. What a challenge, it is sure that you will be busy in the months to come. How amazing how by chance we are put in condition to learn a new skill!

  3. Thank you Helen, i'll check it out. Thankfully all the faces & nails etc have been painted. I would be in big trouble if they were completely bare. x

  4. Sorry no help from me , but its such an interesting challenge!

  5. Wow nice challenge you have there...look forward to seeing what you do with them.