Thursday, August 18, 2011

Crazy birthday month

We all have them. Ours is July... we have no less than 13 birthdays and had a few kids party invites thrown in there too.

So you can guess what I've been up to.

Always trying something new I decided to do vinyl covered pencil cases for the girls, I've never sewn vinyl before. And the boys got peek a boo toy sacks after I found THIS cute pin on Pintrest.

I bought the cute Sprout turtle fabric after Dman spotted it while I was buying fabric online. But of course how do you use white fabric for a boy? So it became the lining of his toy sack and I've made sure you can see a whole turtle through the front peek hole.

Now it's August, I'm working through my unfinished projects. You know I have a quilt that I made for Fox last year and all it needs is binding. I'm guessing it will be done in time for Father's Day :)


  1. I just love how these turned out!! BIG fan of the toy sacks, and I can't wait to see E's pencil case in the 'real'!!!!

  2. The pencil cases look so much better than the pics. ANd the toy sacks were quick to make. Finished the 1st one this morning and the 2nd by lunch :)

  3. As a kid my favorite part of birthday's were the goodie bags. That is the best part. At least that how I remember it.