Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my favourites

The past few weeks have been so hectic, organising new school gear, playgroups, daycare, sports etc. My friend who i made the crochet blanket for had a baby girl and she loved it.
Now, I'm going to have a rest before starting the next blanket.

Iv'e been thinking about my mum today and thought i'd post some happy thoughts...

Here are some things that I love...

I love this sign found in the Toodyay butcher shop window...

makes me laugh every time... a sign put up in the butcher shop looking for their missing sheep.

I love this china doll my mother bought me when i was 10. she was hand made by her friend

even the lace and her socks & shoes are hand made

and her beautiful hand painted face. i wish i could get one for my daughter too.

I love finding pretty things in unexpected places...

I love the beach... but not in summer

And finally, i love edamame...mmmm

chilli & garlic... just like wagamama :)

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  1. Happy back to school!! My 4 went back yesterday, they were a tad over excited!! Love Posie