Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our tree...

We have had this purple Xmas tree for 10 years now. Each year we collect more clear glass balls to go on it. It's not always easy to find them but this year Myer had a great range so I snapped them up while we were in Perth.

I know it's a little weird having an angel sitting up top of our non traditional type tree... but that's the way we like it. My mum had an angel on her tree and so it is that we do too.


  1. Your tree looks really lovely Tracey, traditional or not! :)) Love all your clear glass balls. They look so beautiful. You really can't go past glass for Christmas decorations.
    Just wanted to thank you for your sweet Christmas card. What a truly thoughtful and gracious thing to do! I so appreciate it. I wish I'd thought to do the same for my stocking swap partner too.
    So glad you're all spending the Christmas time together this year, and I hope it's filled with fun, peace and joy. xoxo

  2. I like the angel on top - looks super sweet.