Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the old...

And in with the new...

I just love this time of year and who doesn't, you get to eat happy food, enjoy family time and with any luck relax a little.

My gorgeous kids bought me Scandinavian Stitches for Christmas and I just couldn't wait to get into one of the sweet little projects. My fancy Pfaff machine had other ideas and the foot pedal seems to have given up. I don't think it is liking this humid weather all too much. So I got out my old trusty Janome (Jan) and I can't even describe the joy it brought me. Getting her out was like having an old school friend come round to visit and we just picked up where we left off.

Attempting to make this cushion with Jan has had it's obstacles. The directions call for machine stitching the word 'silakka' across the bottom but after realising the feed dog cannot be lowered It had to be hand stitched. I'm not a stitcher of the hand variety but somehow it worked out.

Machine stitching on the little fish I also picked up a new technique of pulling the top thread through and tying the thread instead of reverse stitching. It really does make it neater on the front. The first fish started off a little dodgy but i got it more stream lined.

So I'm nearly done and so is this year...

It certainly has been eventful here. I've had many battles this year, some i won, some lost.

My plans for the new year are BIG.

I want to join the etsy community and share my creations with others.
I know my family love them so it's only fair to share right?

I want to try and share more, I have a tendency of hiding away (true cancerian style) when things are tough instead of verbalising I wait it out in silence.

I want to include myself in the list of those who i look after. you know how that works.
And I also want to run the mother's day classic, a 5km run. Not that huge really but coming from a large chested family something that doesn't come as second nature.

I'm sure this list will grow through the year and also get checked off along the way.

So that's it my friends, thanks for all your lovely comments and words of encouragement this year. It has meant a lot to me, really.

Wishing you a happy and healthy new year full of joy and happiness


  1. Hi Ruby, I love your pictures of your little boy and the sparkler, really sweet! Happy New Year..why not have a go at Etsy...the fishes are delightful.

  2. Have a happy new year! I want to start an etsy shop this year too :)

  3. I like what you said: I've had many battles this year, some I won, some I lost. This is exactly as I feel, but since I was able, on average, to keep my serenity, I feel like I won also the lost battles.
    By the way I am gluten intolerant (maybe coeliac) and a cancer, too, so I will be following you...

  4. It looks fantastic & i love the new light & crafty blog style going on too. Happy New Year, hope you're not flooded out, you never know in FNQ. Janome never dies, i have my first one from 12+ years ago, all serviced & ready for when my fancy Brother has a break down. My industrial is also a Janome, LOVE her. Love Posie