Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Creative space...

This new year i have hit the ground running trying to finish off projects that were started a while back, then i decided the get some granny action happening seeing as i signed up to 'a granny a day' last year and well failed big time.

So I thought I'd start small and do a little cushion cover, i seem to be gravitating towards cushions of late... finishing off with grey edging and i might even try attaching a zip to the crochet... walking on the wild side hey!

Now I'm not the only creative person in this house, my husband Fox has made a massive scalextix table and track in the garage over the school holidays. It's been a perfect project to keep the boys busy while we've been house bound by the rain.

Trying to get a good shot in the dark of the lamp post because Fox made it ! I'm so impressed he's really trying to be creative and make accessories for the track by himself. He now has a production line happening in the shed and his track should have a bunch of street lights up by the weekend.

Now head on over to Kootoyoo for some more crafty inspiration :)


  1. Thanx for stopping by! Failing "a granny a day" sounds just like something that could happen to me :D

  2. Wow, lots of fun happening over at your house. The track sounds fantastic for the boys

  3. I love granny squares, they make me happy!! In the top photo, is that squares of fabric with a crocheted edge? Did you hem the edges of the fabric first?