Saturday, March 12, 2011

Craft book challenge - March

I joined the craft book challenge to give me a push to get into all those craft books i have collected.

This month's project was from Meet Me at Mikes first craft book and was made just this morning.

Eldest son gets a phone call from his friend late yesterday and organises to go over to his place  today. No worries. Then later last night he tells me ... well actually it's his friends little brother's birthday and his friend was allowed to choose a friend to come over. OHHH Right... So mum can you make him something out of that camo material that you have and can you put his name on it too... That camo material is jersey and i can't really make a pencil case or bag out of it. Don't worry I'll sort something out in the morning.

 Looking for something super quick to whip up that was suitable for a 10 year old boy and pow... make a little pouch, the mmam's one would be perfect.

So after only a few hours from start to finish the gift was ready. We put some Australia postcards inside along with pencils and International post stamps. My son's friends have been posted here from America.

I was pleased as punch when I went to collect my son this afternoon and the birthday boy was well impressed that I had made him this bag. He had questions about how it was made and really was thankful.

Now that's what it's all about hey!


  1. What a great gift! A little bag to keep treasures and special things. Love it x